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House Maintenance Challenge

Our challenge is to complete some minor, and major, maintenance on our new-to-us house.

Done already:
- ceiling fan installed
- worm ridden bushes removed
- mailbox properly installed - also brick enclosure built around mailbox
- spider traps installed
- electric spider repellent installed
- replaced spray nozzle for kitchen faucet
- bushes removed and trees trimmed
- replaced gutters on house
- gutters cleaned every spring
- some tuckpointing done
- composting began and in progress
- LED bulbs installed
- replace kitchen faucet
- installed new, energy efficient dishwasher
- installed more LED bulbs
- replace some windows, about 1/3 so far
- bought upright freezer for store meat, made ahead meals, extra veggies
- installed gas fireplace insert
- plant vegetable seeds and plants
- replaced outdoor security light with LED fixture
- Replaced A/C with new, energy efficient model
- Replaced furnace with new, energy efficient model
- Replaced water heater with new, energy efficient model

Here's some stuff we need to do
- need to buy stepladder
- get gutters cleaned again each spring
- continue to plant vegetable seeds and plants
- more tuckpointing
- need new toilet
- need insulation
- need about 10 more windows

This is the ideal, but none of these is urgent:
- Install a sustainable, renewable power source in the house
- have greenhouse built to south of house
- install guttering on garage
- install rain water barrel/collection under gutters on garage
- Replace siding on back side of house with vinyl siding
- install retractable awning on back side of house
- remodel bathroom