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Survey Points Cash In

September 22nd, 2008 at 02:38 am

I logged in to one of my survey places and found that I have enough points to cash in. I will get a paypal deposit for $5.00. When I get the money, I will set it aside for the Conference Challenge.

Giving Thanks for My Many Blessings

September 21st, 2008 at 09:56 pm

I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but it seems like a good time to give thanks for my many blessings.

I am thankful for my dh. Without him, I would be lost in this confusing world. I owe him my life, as he helped me to navigate my way towards a healthy lifestyle. ( Big Grin )

I am thankful for my job. I have interesting work and a good salary.

I am thankful that I have a good doctor. She has helped me to navigate some serious and chronic health problems this year.

I am thankful I have good health insurance. It has helped me to pay for services that I need.

I am thankful for information. By being able to find good information, I was able to get myself to a good doctor and get my medical problems handled.

I am thankful for my house. We moved to it in July. It is so much nicer than the other house we were living in and it is only about 3 blocks from my work.

I am thankful for living only 3 blocks from work. It is a short enough distance that I can walk to work every day, but long enough that I can get a little bit of exercise every day. ( Big Grin )

I am thankful for having a local store that has good organic foods to buy. ( Big Grin )

I am thankful for my cats. They are my stress relief. They seem to sense when something is up and their affectionate and nonchalante nature seems to make everything just go away.

I am thankful for the vehicles I have. They get me where I need to go.

I am thankful for my friends. They make life interesting.

Conference Challenge Addition

September 20th, 2008 at 09:03 pm

I got paid again yesterday. Today, I put $60 towards the Conference Challenging, bringing the balance to $176.00.

Another Paycheck and More Debt Paid Off

September 20th, 2008 at 04:34 am

Well, I got paid again today. I already wrote out my checks to pay bills last night. I have paid $20 to hospital bill #1, bringing the balance to $958.58. I will also pay $30 on the cc. I will get $60 tomorrow for the Conference Challenge. My retirement has also gone up to $13,017.35.

Why Am I So Stupid?

September 16th, 2008 at 01:53 pm

Last Friday, I mentioned to my dh as I was balancing my checkbook that it seemed odd that I had a $500 balance in my checkbook even though I was 8 days away from payday. Ususally, it is about $100 by that point. I have figured out it is a bad idea to mention a surplus of money near him, because he said, "Well let's go to Hastings, then, because there is a book I would like to get." Then, "a book" become a cup of Starbucks and dinner out. Zap. Cha-ching! There goes a good portion of my "surplus." I had forgotten entirely that I had made an allowance for visit to the dentist this morning (which wound up costing me $60.00 more than what I thought it would) and the visit to the chiropractor tomorrow. Oh, well, live and learn.

Conference Challenge Addition

September 14th, 2008 at 06:10 pm

The last time I actually counted my Conference Challenge money it was $109.00. It mysteriously ballooned to $116.00. I don't know how, but I am not going to question it.

Paid off more debt

September 14th, 2008 at 06:03 pm

I got the bill for hospital debt #2 in the mail on Friday. I made the September payment of $75.00, bringing the balance to $2227.60. Yes. This is good.

Another Conference Challenge Addition

September 3rd, 2008 at 03:19 am

Well, I cashed my $6.00 check from the Dollar General CFL Rebate today. I have put it aside for the Conference Challenge.