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Insurance Question . . .

October 30th, 2010 at 12:12 am

Well, if you have been following my blogs in the last couple of weeks, you know that my car is dead and we are planning to get rid of it. However, we cannot get another car right away. We refuse to go into debt for a car. (What a refreshing viewpoint for my hubby to have!) I had been putting aside money to replace the car when it came time, but there is not very much in it, barely enough to pay for the tag fees. What I need to know is if sell my car right now, whether to the salvage yard or someone else, does the insurance company find out if I don't tell them? I do not want them to cancel my policy. I have had insurance with them since 1992 and have discounts for longevity and clean driving record. I also have a multi-line discount, because my home owner's insurance is with them.

An Opportunity . . .

October 24th, 2010 at 06:25 pm

You remember me talking about my car problems in my last blog? The latest update is that not only do the coil and timing belt need to be replaced, but we also have a busted camshaft. I have no idea what these things are or what they do. The mechanic has told us that we really need a new or rebuilt engine. A rebuilt engine would cost approximately $1200 without labor. A completely new engine is about $2000 without labor. We have opted for option C, which is to replace the car altogether because we have put a lot of money into this car in the last couple of years, but the engine is where I draw the line. I did buy a rebuilt engine for another car once and it was a big mistake. What we are planning on doing is to sell the car to a friend of ours if he is interested. He is a mechanic and well aware of the issues, so we are not deceiving him. If he is not interested, we will probably take it to a salvage yard. Either way, whatever money we get out of it will go into buying another car. After we do our tax return next year, we will take whatever we get from that and buy another car. In the meantime, we will be taking the bus, riding our bike, and walking wherever we need to go. The money we save on gas will go into our car account. I originally labeled this entry "Murphy Report," but changed it to "An Opportunity . . ." because we have been blessed with an opportunity to upgrade to a better car.

October 6th, 2010 at 12:47 am

Well, I did finally get a paypal payment from for a book I sold them. I put it into the Spare Change/Conference Challenge. I am seeking other sources of possible books. It's kind of hard right now, though, to do anything with this. Last week, my hubby went to a nearby town to take our car tax and registration payment to be applied. Normally, I mail it, because we never normally go there and it would have been late if we had not have taken it there. Anyway, on the way back, the car died on the highgway, but he was able to get it off the road and call AAA for a tow. Anyway, I took off work a little early on Friday anyway. Because of having no car, I knew I would need to get groceries on Friday, because the city bus does not run on weekends. I live in a small town and it is a miracle we even have a bus. So, because of my car dying and needing an $800 repair, my hopes of shopping yard sales for books to sell are shot out of the water. Apparently, I am not the only one with car and other mechanical problems, though. I was talking with a couple of friends today who were telling me of similar problems. Must be something in the air. Anyway, I told the hubby that until we get hospital bills #1 and #2 paid off, we are going to occasionally have little problems like this because we don't have a lot of wiggle room. He said that it sounds like we need to pay them off with the tax return, but I told him by the time the tax return gets here, #2 will probably be paid off. #1 will have a couple of hundred left on it. I think with whatever is left, we should put 1/2 into the regular savings and 1/2 into the house savings. After living in our house for a year, we can also get level payment plan on the gas and electric, so then gas and electric won't be such a problem.