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2022 Personal and Financial Improvement Plan

December 23rd, 2021 at 06:06 pm

Notice that I did not call it a resolution. I don't like that word, as that makes it sound like a law, but I am not something to be governed, so I am calling it a plan.  My plan is simple

1) Pay down cc #1 to $00.00 by 03/31/2022.

2) Continue to take out cash on payday for my everyday purchases. Ongoing.

3) Continue to eat super healthy through gardening and buying from local farmers. I am stepping up my gardening game to include sweet potatoes and cucumbers.  Also, I plan to grow a few items in the fall and winter next year as cover crops. Ongoing.

4) Contribute any coupons, rebates, or sales savings to credit card payoff and emergency savings. This is a money game I play. Ongoing.

5) Save up for vacation. Target Date (12/15/2022)

UFM Ahead

January 1st, 2020 at 11:38 pm

Hi, everyone. I have a number of current things and things happening in the future that will require money. I don't want to go into credit card debt to pay for it all, so I am doing a UFM, or maybe UF several months. LOL

I am going to limit my purchases for the next few months to essential purchases. Specifically, I am going to cease trips to convenience stores for the time being and make my own tea with my tea bags. I will also use pocket change to help pay for my grocery purchases. I will set aside equal amounts of money as well as money saved from coupons and saved towards the needed purchases. Here are the expenses I have coming up.

1. Car maintenance - ca. $400 - this is a guesstimate on cost. I will have to contact the shop to get a better estimate. Target Date: 2/15?

2. Road Trip #1 - have some money already set aside, but need about $500 more. Target Date: 4/30

3. Road Trip #2 - have some money already set aside, but need about $1200 more. Target Date: 5/31

4. AAA membership - have some money already set aside for this annual expense, but need $39 more. Target date 1/24

It's time to get to work and find $2139.00.

Update to the above: I just got a rebate from mrrebates for $10.80. This is going towards the total. Woo-Hoo!

2nd 2017 Payday and My Challenge

January 27th, 2017 at 02:17 am

I am not doing the Uber challenge, but I am doing a challenge to pay off cc #1 THIS YEAR! Yes, this is the year I go debt free of cc #1.

Tomorrow, I get paid again. I have already allocated for the mortgage, cc #1 payment, paid the water/sewer bill, and made a deposit to savings. I still have to buy gas for the car, groceries, some replacement kitchen items, and health supplements.

$3.00 to cc #1 from pinecone check
$79.00 to cc #1 from my pay
$119.00 deposit to savings ($30 to car, $30 to house, $30 to professional, and $29 to medical)

I indicated in my last blog that I removed my husband from my health insurance because the rate went up so high. He is a vet, so he does have access to care, but we won't have health insurance on him anymore. I am saving $29.00 per payday to the medical savings to allow for any significant medical expenses (not co-pays).

I found $.03 on the ground this week. I will use that at the store on Saturday and make a payment equal to the store savings and cash to cc #1. See you later.

2017 Goals

December 31st, 2016 at 01:19 am

1) Pay off cc #1 by 12/31/2017. To do this, make at least $225.10 in payments monthly ($79.00 per payday from my paychecks and $67.10 from my husband).

I made some significant changes in my health insurance enrollment at work because health insurance premiums for myself and my husband went from $111.00 to $163.00 per payday and my dental went from $0.00 to $6.00 per payday. So, my husband asked me to take him off of my health insurance. This will result in about $80.00 less being taken from my pay each payday. My plan for this "extra" $80.00 is to send $40.00 to cc #1 and put $40.00 in medical savings for any out of pocket potential medical expenses.

2) Continuing contributing to savings as normal.

3) Contribute any survey money, rebates, coupon savings, and credit card rewards to cc #1 payoff.

4) Grow as much of my own food as I can. Buy as much other food from organic local sources. This will help me to eat as clean as I can.

5) I will continue to use a refill fountain cup as a way to challenge myself to spend as little as possible on beverages. I will funnel my savings to cc #1.

6) I will continue to use my pocket change as a way to pay part of my grocery store bill.

Payday and the 52 Week Challenge

June 17th, 2016 at 12:40 am

Hi, everyone. I get paid tomorrow, so I am sending more money to savings, debt, and retirement.

Old 52 Week Challenge: $2229.23

$40.00 regular savings deposit
$20.00 car savings deposit
$20.00 house savings deposit
$5.00 hvac savings deposit
$5.00 medical savings deposit
$5.00 tax/aaa savings deposit
$5.00 tax prep savings deposit
$5.00 escrow savings deposit
$50.00 cc #1 payment
$20.00 xfer to cc #1 from last payday's slush

New 52 Week Challenge: $2364.23

This brings cc #1 down to $3123.75!!! Big Grin

Payday and Other 52 Week Challenge Stuff

May 21st, 2016 at 07:12 pm

Hi, everyone. I overspent some last week, but I am determined not to let it get me down. I was sick with a sinus infection and eating badly, so I wound up buying things I probably did not need. I will be eating a lot of things from my garden for the next couple of weeks. I did use $0.42 pocket change to pay part of my grocery bill today. I will send that same amount to cc #1.

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $2040.94

$40.00 regular savings deposit
$50.00 cc #1 payment

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $2130.94

Here are my meals for the coming week:

1) Thai Curry Salad -

Text is and Link is

2) Cabbage Marsala and a steak -
Text is and Link is

3) Salad with mustard tarragon dressing and salmon
Text is and Link is

4) Thai Red Curry Chicken
Text is and Link is

5) Breakfasts - eggs, chicken, and smoothies with spinach, spirulina, almond milk, seeds, and stevia

6) Roast Beef and vegetables

7) Paleo Shepherd's Pie
Text is and Link is

8) Baked Chicken and Vegetables

9) Chicken Stir Fry

10) Tuna Salad

Payday and Other 52 Week Challenge Stuff

April 23rd, 2016 at 08:28 pm

Hi, everyone.

I just got paid yesterday and have already paid all bills due, including car insurance, 1/2 of the mortgage, water/sewer, cc #1, and made savings deposits.

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1604.93

Regular Savings Deposit $40.00
Car Savings Deposit $20.00
House Savings Deposit $20.00
cc #1 regular payment $50.00
Toluna check paid to cc #1 $25.00
Pocket Change Paid to Groceries also paid to cc #1 $13.43
Shopper Card Savings Paid to cc #1 $14.84

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1788.20

This also brings the cc #1 balance to $3389! Woo-HOO!

52 Week Challenge Progress

April 6th, 2016 at 12:23 am

Hi, everybody.

DH got his regular check on April 1st and paid $66.70 to cc #1 with it. On Saturday, April 2nd, I went shopping and used $15.77 in pocket change to pay to the grocery bill. With coupons and sales, I saved $15.54 on the grocery bill.

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1290.90

DH's payment to cc #1 $66.70
cc #1 payment from grocery savings $15.77
cc #1 payment from pocket change paid to grocery bill $15.54

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1388.91

I also accumulated enough rebates at mrrebates to cash in. I will get my funds May 1st and send it directly to cc #1.

52 Week Challenge Progress and Shopping Success

March 26th, 2016 at 08:57 pm

Hi, everyone.

I did my grocery shopping today and saved a total of $19.08.

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1271.82

Pocket Change Paid to Grocery Bill $.01
Penny Found On the Ground Paid to Grocery Bill $.01
Savings From Shopper Card and Coupons $19.06

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1290.90

After getting home from the store, I sent $19.08 to cc #1.

Payday and 52 Week Challenge Progress

March 25th, 2016 at 10:58 am

Hi, everyone. I have been paid today, so I have allocated more money for debt, savings, retirement, and bills. Here are my numbers.

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1091.82

Regular Savings Deposit $40.00
Car Savings Deposit $20.00
House Savings Deposit $20.00
Professional Savings Deposit $40.00
Slush Deposit $20.00
cc #1 payment $40.00

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1271.82

I should be getting my Toluna check any time. It is for $25.00. I previously wanted to use it for cc #1, but I will be attending a conference in a nearby town in April. I have most of the funds set aside already in professional savings, but need more. I really did not think I was going to get to go. I am also going to pay whatever savings I have at the grocery store to cc #1. I will also use some spare change to pay some on the grocery bill and do the same with it.