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More Snowflakes for the 52 Week Challenge

May 31st, 2016 at 05:49 pm

Hi, everyone.

I checked my checking account today and found a $0.99 rewards deposit. We get these when we shop at certain stores. Of course, I sent it directly to cc #1.

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance $2040.94

$0.99 rewards deposit

New 52 Week Challenge Balance $2041.93

This brings cc #1 down to $3288.45.

DH gets his check tomorrow. I went send $66.70 of it to cc #1.

Payday and Other 52 Week Challenge Stuff

May 21st, 2016 at 07:12 pm

Hi, everyone. I overspent some last week, but I am determined not to let it get me down. I was sick with a sinus infection and eating badly, so I wound up buying things I probably did not need. I will be eating a lot of things from my garden for the next couple of weeks. I did use $0.42 pocket change to pay part of my grocery bill today. I will send that same amount to cc #1.

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $2040.94

$40.00 regular savings deposit
$50.00 cc #1 payment

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $2130.94

Here are my meals for the coming week:

1) Thai Curry Salad -

Text is and Link is

2) Cabbage Marsala and a steak -
Text is and Link is

3) Salad with mustard tarragon dressing and salmon
Text is and Link is

4) Thai Red Curry Chicken
Text is and Link is

5) Breakfasts - eggs, chicken, and smoothies with spinach, spirulina, almond milk, seeds, and stevia

6) Roast Beef and vegetables

7) Paleo Shepherd's Pie
Text is and Link is

8) Baked Chicken and Vegetables

9) Chicken Stir Fry

10) Tuna Salad

My Money Scripts

May 19th, 2016 at 01:34 am

I decided to take a cue from Dido and find out my money scripts. What do we have to lose, as we learn more about ourselves, right? Here are my money scripts. I am very surprised, as I did not expect to do as well as this.

To find out about your money scripts, take this test:

Text is and Link is


Money Avoidance = 2.00

Your score on the money avoidance scale suggests that you do not exhibit significant money avoidance beliefs. In fact, research has shown that your score on this scale is similar to those who have been identified as wealthier, wiser, and more highly educated.

Money avoiders believe that money is bad or that they do not deserve it. They believe that wealthy people are greedy or corrupt, and that there is virtue in living with less money. Because of their negative associations with money and wealth, money avoiders may sabotage their financial success and/or give money away in an unconscious effort to have as little as possible. Research has shown that money avoidance scripts can be associated with ignoring bank statements, increased risk of overspending, enabling others financially, financial dependence, hoarding, and having difficulty sticking to a budget.

Money Worship = 3.14

Your money worship score suggests that you do not endorse significant levels of money worship beliefs.

At their core, money worshipers are convinced that the key to happiness and the solution to all of their problems is to have more money. At the same time, they believe that one can never have enough money. Individuals who score high on the in the area of money worship are more likely to have lower income, lower net worth, and credit card debt. They are also more likely to spend compulsively, hoard possessions, and put work ahead of family. They may give money to others even though they can’t afford it and are more likely to be financially dependent on others.

Money Status = 1.43

Your score on the money status scale shows that you do not hold money status beliefs.

Money status seekers see net-worth and self-worth as synonymous. They may pretend to have more money than they do, and as a result are at risk of overspending. They often believe that if they live a virtuous life, the universe will take care of their financial needs. They may have grown up in a household that prioritized the financial aspects of social standing. Research has shown that people with money status beliefs are at greater risk of overspending, gambling excessively, financial dependence on others, and hiding expenditures from their spouses.

*Money Vigilance = 4.00

Your money vigilance score indicates that you endorse money vigilance beliefs.

The money vigilant are alert, watchful, and concerned about their financial welfare. They believe it is important to save and for people to work for their money and not be given financial handouts. Research has found that higher money vigilance scores are positively associated with higher levels of financial health. The money vigilant are less likely to buy on credit. They also have a tendency to be somewhat anxious about their financial futures, inspiring them to save. While they have a tendency to be secretive about their financial status with others, they are less likely to keep financial secrets from their partners. While money vigilance encourages saving and frugality, excessive wariness or anxiety could keep someone from enjoying the benefits and sense of security that money can provide.

Food Challenge This Week

May 14th, 2016 at 10:46 pm

We are a little low on funds this week, so I am setting up a food challenge for this week. I am attempting as much as possible to use food we already have in our cupboards and fridge. Here are our planned meals:

1) Breakfasts - eggs, smoothies, veggies, and piece of fruit. I already had 3 out of the 4 dozen eggs needed, butter, coconut oil, carrots, and almond milk. 7 breakfasts

2) Meatloaf w/ side of veggies. I already had sweet potatoes. 2 lunches for DH

3) Lunches Leftover From Last Week. 5 lunches for DH

4) Ham and Bean Soup. I already have the beans, herbs, seasonings, and homemade broth. 4 lunches for me

5) Salads with garbanzo beans. I already have the beans, kale, green onions, sea salt, black pepper, radishes, lettuce, and carrots. The kale, green onions, and lettuce are actually growing in my garden. 3 lunches for me

6) Turkey curry. I already have the seasonings. I will use a turnip instead of a parsnip because I already have it.

Text is and Link is 1 supper for DH and me.

7) Meatloaf turned into stir fry. I already will have the meatloaf from making it for DH. I already have the seasonings and salsa. 1 supper for DH and me.

8) Tuna Salad. I already had leftover homemade mayo and 3 cans of tuna. 1 supper for DH and me

9) Baked Chicken w/ potatoes and green beans. I already have the herbs and seasonings. 1 supper for DH and me

10) Leftover Chicken. Haven't Decided What to Do With it Yet. 1 supper for DH and me

I think that will come close to meeting all of our food needs this week. I love Food Challenges.

More Snowflakes for the 52 Week Challenge

May 10th, 2016 at 03:38 pm

Hi, everyone. I got another snowflake in the way of $3.00 from Pinecone. I sent it directly to cc #1 before I had a chance to spend it on shiney baubles. Woo-hoo!

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $2037.94

$3.00 From Pinecone

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $2040.94

This also brings my cc #1 balance to $3304! That's the lowest it has been in maybe about 2 years?

Payday, Snowfalkes, and the 52 Week Challenge

May 5th, 2016 at 11:14 pm

Hi, everyone.

I got some snowflakes earlier this week, so I am reporting that and amounts for my payday tomorrow. I have decided to save in advance for our fees to have our taxes done, as every year, it seems to creep up on us and I wind up taking it out of regular savings - not good. Here are my numbers:

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1791.20

mrrebates rebates totaling $11.04
cc #1 DH's payment 5/2 $66.70
regular savings deposit for 5/6 $40.00
slush deposit 5/6 $20.00
car savings deposit 5/6 $30.00
hvac savings 5/6 $7.00
2016 tax prep savings 5/6 $6.00
AAA/prop tax savings 5/6 $10.00
medical savings 5/6 $6.00
cc #1 payment 5/6 $50.00

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $2037.94

This is amazing. I have saved or paid off more than $2000 and it's not even June yet!

I am doing a food challenge this week and next to see how little I can spend on food for my lunches and such. I am growing my own kale, lettuce, and green onions, so I have plenty of makings for lunch during that time. I will have some pocket change to put towards my grocery bill and will send the matching amount to cc #1.

I also have a $3.00 payment coming from Pinecone, but I will add it in when I get it.