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Improvisation on Tonight's Dinner

April 26th, 2011 at 02:49 am

Well, I had made up chicken salad for 2 meals worth this week. But tonight, when I got home, I just could not stand the idea of chicken salad. Besides, I had no bread and was going to have to make do with carrots sticks. I improvised by boiling up some gluten free pasta and mixed the chicken salad in with a little extra mayo and spices. Even my hubby tasted it and said it was delish and he hates gluten free pasta, but he is on a diet to lose weight, so he had to eat a tuna sandwich. So, my improvised dinner was a success.

This Week's Lunch Challenge

April 24th, 2011 at 05:37 pm

I only had a few hours today to put together my meals for lunches and dinners for this week. I have to work from 3-6 today. I also put together my hubby's salads and boiled some eggs for him to eat.

Here in my lunch challenge for the week

6 servings of beef and vegetable stew - 2 Done!

2 servings of chicken salad with boiled egg - serve with raw veggies 1 Done!

1 serving of lentil soup

4 hamburgers - serve with steamed or raw veggies 1 Done!

5 servings of oatmeal 1 Done!

4 servings of Corn Chex 1 Done!

Update on This Week's Lunch Challenge

April 20th, 2011 at 12:54 am

In an effort to keep better track of my Lunch Challenge, I decided to document my progress so far this week.

I updated my previous entry with comments in red.

Lunch Challenge - Use it Up Week

April 16th, 2011 at 04:22 am

Well, this next week is going to be a use-it-up-week. Here are my lunch/supper plans for the coming week.

Lentil soup - 5 meals 2 Done!

Chicken stir fry - 1 meal Done!

Turkey sandwiches on gluten free bread - 3 meals 2 Done!

Spinach salad with tomatoes, onions, canned chicken, oil and vinegar for dressing - 1 meal Done!

Spaghetti - 1 meal Done!

Hamburgers - 2 meals I had to change this one to cereal. 2 Done!

I will add fruit and vegetables, a handful of nuts,
and a bottle of filtered water from home to my lunches.

I may buy my lunch 1 time in order to make it all stretch.

Roth IRA

April 11th, 2011 at 12:21 am

Hello, everyone. I have been noticing that even though I am contributing faithfully to my 401K every month through my job, that I would like to increase my retirement income possibilities.

First, though, I need to get the regular emergency savings up to at least $1000 and get rid of some liabilities, including getting the lawn mower and my medical bill paid off. I will also make a significant payment to the credit card. The lawn mower, medical bill, and credit card are slated to happen in June. The emergency fund is already in progress.

Later this year, after all this is accomplished, I want to open a Roth IRA and contribute about $500 a year to start. I would like to invest it in ETFs. When I went to my retirement company website, it looks like I can basically mail in contributions whenever I want, like monthly, quarterly, or right before tax time. For those who actually do have one, is it easier to contribute say monthly so that $50 or $100 is not as painful as $2000. What do you think?

Lunch Challenge Succes This Week and Next Week

April 9th, 2011 at 09:46 pm

Well, the lentil soup was very successful, but I think I will change up the spices a little next time and add a little more salt. It was slightly bland, but still very good. I even had people commenting on how fragrant and yummy it smelled. I have a few bowls left over, some of which I will have this week.

This next week, I have something a little different planned. These are my lunches and dinners. (My hubby is on a special diet to lose weight, so I am fixing separate meals for myself.)

Sandwiches with Boars Head turkey breast on gluten free bread with spicey mustard, apple, orange, bottle of filtered water from home (3 meals)

Gluten free pasta salad with chicken, cucumbers, green pepper, tomatoes, spices, apple, orange, bottle of filtered water from home (2 meals)

Gluten free pasta with spaghetti sauce (1 meal)

Stir fry with chicken, green pepper, onion, spices, and rice (3 meals)

Leftover Lentil soup (3 meals)

Leftover Beef Stew (2 meals)

$409.71 to Go! Woo-Hoo!

April 5th, 2011 at 06:14 pm

My go is to have $1500 cash available for my conference trip before June. It is costing me less for this trip than the one I did in 2009 because it is only a 6 hour drive away rather than flying. I am going to have to board my cats, though. I know they won't like it. I am building that cost into my plan. So, I have $409.71 to go to meet my goal of $1500 in available cash for the trip.

I also have a goal to have $200 paid off on my credit card so that I can use it for the car rental for the trip. I can pay the $200 off as soon as I get back with the cash I will have available. In addition, I will get a $500 reimbursement from my work for my expenses. I know. It doesn't really come close to the $1500 project costs, but it is something and it is important that I attend national conference at least once every other year. This goal is in progress, but not quite as good. Working on it.