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Payday and Other Boring Stuff

September 27th, 2014 at 01:34 am

Hi, everyone. It's payday again for me, so more money has come in and gone out and I am blessed. I have put more money into nearly all my savings accounts, retirement, and towards debt. The dh and I refi-ed our house this week. Woo-hoo! That lowered our payment by $40.00, $40.00 which we will now be putting towards set asides for more new windows. Eventually, I will go back to using it for paying more on the mortgage principle and credit card debt. Right now, in order to avoid freezing in the winters and roasting in the winters, we need new windows. We are so blessed and have no idea how we managed to bring all this greatness into our universe because we did not even seek out doing a re-fi. The dh called the mortgage company about something else and they wanted to talk to him about a NO COSTS OUT OF POCKET re-fi. Woo-hoo!

Also, I count on my list of things successfully done this week is paying our annual registration and car tax. I saved up since last July for doing so and on Sunday discovered I was only lacking $10.00 in the AAA/tax savings account from being able to pay for it. I had $10.00 in checking and it is due next week, so I paid it. It feels great knowing that it was not a problem to pay it, because I saved up for it rather than HOPING I would be able to pay for it when it came due. Big Grin

I will be attending a conference soon. I have also saved up for months to attend it. I have to pay for it up front myself, but got special funding at work to reimburse my expenses. My professional savings account is down $200 because I just paid for the conference registration in full.

It's Payday Again!

September 12th, 2014 at 01:20 pm

Hi, everyone. It's payday again for me. More money has gone to debt, savings, and retirement. I have lost track of my challenge amount, so I am not counting that here, but here is what I have done so far.

$40.00 Deposit to regular savings
$21.00 Deposit to slush fund
$40.00 Deposit to Car Account
$40.00 Deposit to House Account
$40.00 Deposit to Professional Account
$20.00 Deposit to AAA/Car Tax Savings Account
$1.00 Deposit to self Account
$1.00 Deposit to Escrow Account

Also, my retirement account up! Good news. I also sold 2 books on cash4books and will be getting $3.20 for them in a couple of weeks. I will put that money towards cc #2.