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Anyone Else Have Trouble With BOA?

March 2nd, 2013 at 10:22 pm

Hi, everybody. My dh and I bought a house in 2010. Our mortgage was sold to BOA before the ink was even dry on the documents. We knew it was possible that it could be sold to another bank, but did not know it could happen right away and did not know how to opt out by not signing a certain document. Anyway, with all the bad stuff going on at BOA with them foreclosing on properties that should not be foreclosed on, we have been extra careful with making payments in person, getting a receipt with a time/date stamp on it, and keeping all paperwork organized. We don't want to be out of town one day and come home to our stuff on the front lawn and pets missing. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when we found out that the local BOA branch is becoming Arvest, but our mortgage is staying BOA. The closest other branch that is not going to become a BOA branch any time soon that we know of is over an hour away. We intentionally don't do automatic payment or any electronic payments with them. We don't trust them and want to deal with real people, in person, about our mortgage. Credit cards don't really matter from my point of view, but if someone doesn't do their job and records a payment wrong, you could lose your house due to no fault of your own. Our only choice, other than driving over an hour every month to the nearest branch, is to mail in payments. I feel really unsure about this, any way you look at it. We could look into refinancing with one of two credit unions, but do not have the money for closing costs, inspections, etc. Does mailing in payments to BOA work well? Do you have problems with BOA mortgage services?