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More Debt Paid Off and Plan for Extra Payday in August

June 28th, 2013 at 07:25 pm

Well, I don't get paid until next Friday, but we got one of the dh's medical bills in the mail yesterday. I made a $5.00 payment towards it, bringing the balance to $66.52. I am eager to get that one paid off. The balance of what is left in checking will be spent on groceries (around $100) and gas for my car to get to work next week (around $10-$12).

The $30.38 medical bill will be paid in full on July 5th or close to that.

In August, I will have three payday instead of three because I get paid every two weeks.

I plan to get the balance of the $66.52 medical bill paid off in full (woo-hoo!), pay an extra $150 on the $683.00 credit card, and put double the normal amount into all my savings accounts. I need to set aside around $100 to go to a conference in October. I will get reimbursed from my work for part of it, but I have to pay for it first. I will also get a few other small bills (~$20-ish) paid off. Clearing this plate will help me to get the rest of that credit card paid off before the end of 2013 so I can work on the other one.