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Update on Fabulous Progress on 2019 Financial Plan

July 12th, 2019 at 06:50 am

Okay, so today is payday for me, so I have more money going into savings, payments on debt, and bills.

My husband and I recently switched our internet from a big, national company to a local co-op provider. We used to pay around $120.00 per month for unlimited landline plus a mid-level speed, broadband internet. We were not happy, as it made loading pages a nightmare. Eventually, we were able to switch to the co-op. Now, we have gigabit internet plus unlimited landline for $114.90 per month! I am so happy and my husband is too, as he likes to do online gaming and watching shows on tubi.

So, we are spending a little less money on that. Because of that and the fact that I have a raise kicking in sometime in the next few months, I have drawn up a new budget, but I won't implement it until I start getting the new pay. The new budget strives to increase emergency savings and house savings, as we need to do some maintenance and repairs to our house. We will also continue to pay a little extra on our credit cards, but keep our mortgage payment at the minimum.

So, for this payday, so far I put $40.00 into emergency savings, $20.00 into slush, $50.00 into car savings, $50.00 into house savings, and $25.00 into professional savings. I made a $20.00 payment to cc1. I have almost made my goal of saving money in emergency savings. I have about $60.00 to go. I have also almost met my goal for 2019 of paying down cc1 to $3K.

When I go shopping tomorrow, I will use all the cash I have to pay part of my grocery bill. I will make a payment equal to the amount of cash plus my coupon savings to cc2.

3 Responses to “Update on Fabulous Progress on 2019 Financial Plan”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Any savings is fantastic! Very exciting that your pay is going to increase, too.
    I noticed my husband pay is just a few dollars higher this time. I need to check to see what changed.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Great job on savings and putting money aside!

  3. Amber Says:

    Great job!

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