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The Most Frugal Thing I Did Today

November 28th, 2006 at 07:04 pm

Hi, everyone. I know this is my second blog for today, but my computer has had some problems and so I am behind on my blog entries. I made some chili today and will be eating it for lunch two days this week. That is a savings of at least $5 each day. I usually just buy a bottled water and a couple of packages of crackers at my college's cafeteria, which amounts to around $.75 total. I feel better about making my own lunch, knowing that I am feeding my body good food. It feels very nourishing to eat food that I cooked myself.

On a Positive Thinking note, my husband and I have set a goal to move to a different home by the end of June next year. We are thinking of the universe as our Sears and Roebuck, opening it up, deciding what we want, and placing our orders. If you don't know what I mean by Positive Thinking, see my last blog dated earlier today. We did not specify whether it has to be a rental or one we buy, so it can be either and will be within a 15 minute drive of my work. We are setting aside money to be able to do it, but we are letting the universe decide whether it is a rental or something we buy. I feel very good about being another day closer to moving to a different home.

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