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What Kind of Shopper Are You?

December 28th, 2006 at 03:48 pm

I took a survey titled What Kind of Shopper Are You? at This is what it has to say about me. This is very true, as I go to the store with a specfic list of what items I want, brands, sizes, quantity, and whether I have a coupon or it is on sale. This is not to say that if I see something else that is a better deal, that I don't go for it, though.


We'd bet that if we ran into you at the mall, you're there to get something in particular - not to browse. You're probably the kind of shopper who ventures into the retail realm armed with an idea of what you want, where to get it, and how to get out of there as fast as you can.

Maybe you're on the hunt for a birthday gift for Mom or a housewarming present for your best friend. Then again, maybe it's a new outfit for yourself for a special event. Whatever the occasion, you're not too likely to make impulse buying or window shopping a standard practice. While some shoppers may get easily distracted, you're most likely to stay on track in pursuit of your intended purchase.

1 Responses to “What Kind of Shopper Are You?”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    That's pretty much me, too. The only place I sometimes get slammed with impulse buying is the grocery store.

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