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30 in 30 Days Challenge

January 17th, 2010 at 05:09 pm

Well, last night and this morning I have made a lot of progress. This is what I found.

- 1 pair of threadbare socks
- 5 old magazines that I no longer need
- 10 pieces of junk mail that I had sitting around for awhile
- 1 bag of receipts I do not need to keep
- more plastic grocery sacks
- 1 box of checks with the wrong address on them
- 1 box of deposit slips from a closed account

That's 31! I don't think I will stop there, though. I have a lot more junk to get rid of one way or another.

Update: I found one old marker and a state employee health insurance information packet from 2 years ago. I guess I don't need that anymore.

That's 33!


I also wanted to add that I do use the nylon canvas type shopping bags, but I only have 4, so every week, I usually have 1 to 2 of the plastic variety. After they sit around for awhile, they seem to multiple like bunnies. So, after a few months, I gather them up and take them to some place like Goodwill, who seems to be thrilled to get them. I would like to get more of the nylon bags, so I am keeping my eyes open for them. I will also add that I am recycling the magazines, not throwing them away.

3 Responses to “30 in 30 Days Challenge”

  1. fern Says:

    Could you put those plastic grocery bags to some use? Seems a shame to throw them out.

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    I don't throw them out. I give them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. I keep some in a little fabric holder for holding grocery bags and keeping them to hand when needed. Anything else is just clutter in my house or vehicles. The thrift stores are thrilled to get them, because that means they don't have to buy bags for their customers purchases.

  3. janH Says:

    I never thought about doing that with the bags! Right now I use some for the litter box, but that would get rid of the rest. Thanks for the idea. I might just check that out.

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