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Murphy Strikes Again

February 20th, 2010 at 07:52 pm

For my second payday of the month, I pay the rent, buy groceries, and pay the internet bill. The rent makes a pretty big hole in our checking account, making it a little harder to make it until payday. Well, this time, dh and I each had a doctor's appointment on Friday ($40.00 total) and an appointment for the cats' annual checkups. The vet said both cats are too fat, which I knew and had been telling dh that. Dh insists on pouring the cat food into one of those feeders, which of course turns the food bowl into an all you can eat food bar for the cats. The vet said if we don't get her weight down, she will become diabetic and will need medicine. Our male cat is a little overweight, too. I bought some Science Diet lite food. It's expensive. I don't think dh is going to like it, but I think I will start feeding them myself so we know they are not eating too much. I don't want them getting sick. The male cat also has some kind of parasite. Between the $123.00 vet visit and $31.00 for cat food, I am feeling a little pinched. I will be taking some out of savings to be able to make it until next payday.

3 Responses to “Murphy Strikes Again”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Those vet bills can really add up!

  2. M E 2 Says:

    Many years ago, when I was a child, my mom was told by the vet that our dog was overweight. So all of us ( my parents, 3 siblings and I ) were told no more slipping food to the dog. ;-) My mom reduced the amound of dog food and also gave her carrots. Six months later, when she went back to the vet, the vet was shocked that the dog had lost weight. My mom was puzzled by this as the doctor had told her that the dog needed to lose weight. He said that my mom would be surprised by the number of people who were told that their dog/cat needed to lose weight, they did nothing about it and needless to say the dog/cat would die (or need to be put down) and the people were, of course, devastated. You're doing the right thing, IMO.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Hey, it's not any different than the doctor telling people that THEY are a little overweight and need to trim down for health reasons. How often does that happen? They often just keep coming in every few months, making their insurance copayment, and not changing anything at all. Making a decision like yours leads to better outcomes for people AND for pets!

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