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30 in 30 Days Challenge and Debt Payments

March 18th, 2010 at 04:47 pm

Well, today and tomorrow I have off from work. I have spent the entire morning decluging trash out of my bedroom. I organized all my tax paperwork from 2009 and put it away in a document folder. I also put copies of checks and bills stapled together for old medical bills into the appropriate tax year folder. My next target is my receipt drawer. I need to get rid of the debit receipts that I no longer need to keep. Obviously, certain ones I will keep.

Tomorrow, I get paid and will mail payments for hospital debts #1 and #2 and pay the cell phone bill. The rent will be due later in the month.

Oh, and I learned something very valuable. Last week, I got two survey payments totalling $11.00 which I put directly into my checking because I was anticipating the arrival of a bill for hospital debt #1 and wanted to be able to pay it ASAP. Well, I had some unexpected expenses and said survey checks wound up being what tied me over until payday. What I learned was to delay those paypal transfers until I actually have the bill in hand ready to pay it. Arrgh!

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