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Update About Food Challenge

May 30th, 2010 at 12:52 am

This is an update to my part of Househopeful's challenge to eat frugally. Here is what I have planned.

On Monday, I have the day off, so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to eat frugally, but I am going to stick with it anyway.

Monday - egg salad sandwich, carrots, apple, water

Tuesday - Chicken and pasta chili mac, apple, orange, water

Wednesday - Chicken and pasta chili mac, apples, water

Thursday - tuna sandwich, apple, carrots, water

Friday - leftover baked chicken breast, apple, carrots, water

I was going to make egg salad anyway to have for dinner one night this week. The cost of ingredients is minimal. The carrots and apples are inexpensive and fresh food, my effort to eat frugally and healthful at the same time. The apples were on markdown for only $.89. I bought the pasta for the chicken and pasta chili mac on sale for $0.99 markdown. I bought the canned tomatoes and tomato sauce on sale also. The tuna is leftover from last week when I went out to eat for lunch instead of eating my packed lunch as planned. The baked chicken breast is left over from a couple of weeks ago.

carrots 1.5
apples 0.89
chicken 5.00
leftover chicken 1.00
tuna 1.45
tomatoes 1.14
tomato sauce 0.59
filtered water from home 0.10
pasta 0.99

I calculate I am spending about $2.53 per day to eat lunch. We will see how this goes.

1 Responses to “Update About Food Challenge”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    That egg salad sounds good! I might have to work that into my meal plan Smile

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