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Suggestions For No Cook Dinners Anyone??

June 19th, 2010 at 02:18 am

Hello, everyone. I am in the midwest. Summer is starting to heat up and it's only going to get hotter. DH and I are talking about not doing any more cooking in the oven for the rest of the summer. So, I am sitting here with the beginnings of a shopping list trying to stuff to buy to make next week's meals. Here is what I have come up so far:

- Buy a rotisserie chicken and make chicken sandwiches with it (maybe 2 meals)
- Buy Some Already Cooked Beef at the Deli and Mix With BBQ sauce for sandwiches (1-2 meals)
- Egg Salad Sandwiches (1 meal)
- Peanut butter sandwiches (1 meal)

I just hate to eat sandwiches every single day, though. Any of have any good ideas for something besides sandwiches?? I should mention that DH hates what he calls rabbit food and he doesn't even want to cook pasta or hamburgers if we can get away with it. I just want to ask him if I have pointed ears and hop around on all fours.

For my lunches, I am thinking of possibly wraps with lunchmeat, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. along with a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Hmmm...I was going to say salad, but that isn't going work for your DH. We often do an appetizer type meal of cheese, crackers, humus, veggies, fruit and sometimes cold leftover chicken.

    Do you have a microwave that you could heat up turkey or chicken hotdogs or precooked brats? Tacos with beans or the deli meat you can buy. Your ideas are good ones. Good luck!

  2. cptacek Says:

    Are you opposed to the crockpot? I made lasagna in mine tonight. You can even set it outside if you think it adds too much heat to your house.

    There are lots of recipes online for crockpot, and they are usually pretty easy, too!

    We grill a lot in the summer, too. My mom even makes pasta, etc, on the grill because she doesn't want any heat in the kitchen.

  3. baselle Says:

    Crock pot chili, or crock pot anything that you can warm up in the microwave. Tuna salad. Cold cuts. You could do open faced sandwiches to spice up the sandwich options. My sister did beans in a solar oven out at the farmette in Wisconsin, so I feel for you out in the midwest.

    What does your husband eat?

  4. HouseHopeful Says:

    How about tuna sandwiches or tuna in salads? I also make big pasta salads for dinner. If you do one more cooking day, you could do meatloaf muffins. Make a couple of batches, stick them in the freezer & all you have to do is microwave to heat up. No more cooking but still get a warm meal in the summer.

  5. crazyliblady Says:

    Well, hubby is definitely not a veggie eater unless it's green beans or potatoes. He eats a lot of tuna sandwiches for lunch and fried egg sandwiches for breakfast. For dinner, either he or I makes some kind of stew, soup, steak, etc.

    Oh, we also don't have a crock pot and given our recent decision to buy a house, we have decided to put off buying anything like that until after we move, both because we don't want to have to move it and also to free up some money for moving costs. We also need to thoroughly clean the rental we have been living in and fix a few minor things.

    I would love to make lasagna, or anything else with cheese in it, but I am extremely allergic to all milk products. Hubby can eat all the cheese he wants, though.

    So, to do our no cooking thing while it is so hot, I bought a package of 10 hamburger patties, package of velveeta cheese slices, relish, jar of peanut butter, mayonaisse, bread, an onion, tomatoes, canned chicken, Triscuit crackers, box of Cheerios, and packets of carrots and celery. Our dinners will be mostly either hamburgers, egg salad, or tuna salad sandwiches topped with usual condiments and possibly tomatoes and/or onion.

    See today's blog for an update on the Lunch Challenge.

  6. lilmama Says:

    Sometimes I make tacos with shredded rotiserrie chickens and use either taco shells or corn tortillas and top with chopped onion, tomatoe, and cilantro. Hot dogs are easy to microwave or hot links with peppers and onions.

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