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An Opportunity . . .

October 24th, 2010 at 06:25 pm

You remember me talking about my car problems in my last blog? The latest update is that not only do the coil and timing belt need to be replaced, but we also have a busted camshaft. I have no idea what these things are or what they do. The mechanic has told us that we really need a new or rebuilt engine. A rebuilt engine would cost approximately $1200 without labor. A completely new engine is about $2000 without labor. We have opted for option C, which is to replace the car altogether because we have put a lot of money into this car in the last couple of years, but the engine is where I draw the line. I did buy a rebuilt engine for another car once and it was a big mistake. What we are planning on doing is to sell the car to a friend of ours if he is interested. He is a mechanic and well aware of the issues, so we are not deceiving him. If he is not interested, we will probably take it to a salvage yard. Either way, whatever money we get out of it will go into buying another car. After we do our tax return next year, we will take whatever we get from that and buy another car. In the meantime, we will be taking the bus, riding our bike, and walking wherever we need to go. The money we save on gas will go into our car account. I originally labeled this entry "Murphy Report," but changed it to "An Opportunity . . ." because we have been blessed with an opportunity to upgrade to a better car.

5 Responses to “An Opportunity . . .”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    What a great attitude!

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    I won't lie. I did do some shaking my head and a lot of wondering to myself, "what am I going to do?" After doing a lot of meditating and EFT, I decided to not look at it as my car being broken and unrepairable. I decided instead to realize I was being given an opportunity to realize some serious savings on gas and car maintenance for the next few months and the ability to get a more reliable car.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Great way to look at it... and I have been very impressed with EFT and how it can lead to significant changes in people's minds and bodies. You are right, you will now save on gas and maintenance and insurance, and you can figure out the path from there. Nice going!

  4. baselle Says:

    I very rarely drive. DH has the car basically. I take the bus and walk. No gas, no insurance, no parking, no repair bills, plenty of exercise and one develops an alternate version of self-reliance - literally the ability to really "think on your feet".

    I don't know where you live, but if you are in a major city check and see whether there's a way to track a bus like Onebus away. I find it limits the biggest frustration when I'm a stop: did I just miss the bus and if so, when is the next one...really. Makes it a whole lot better to be a bus commuter.

  5. crazyliblady Says:

    Thanks, Baselle. I am not in a major city, though. I am in a small town in Kansas. I consider myself fortunate to live where there is a bus. Without it, I would be in a world of hurt. I used to live in St. Louis and took metro transit there to work every day for 5 years. I did not even miss not driving very much. We are going to get our bike fixed so that it can be alternate method to get us where we need to go.

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