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Lunch Challenge Continues

February 26th, 2011 at 02:59 pm

Because of some minor emergencies, the checking was REALLY low when I went shopping yesterday, so I wound up putting the groceries on the credit card.

Oh well, the Lunch Challenge continues. This coming week I am having spinach salads with tuna for my lunches. I have been taking my own fork or spoon for my lunches for weeks. It is a small act sustainability, but I also have 4 other people doing it, too. If enough people do it consciously, we could save our organization a considerable amount of money.

I already had 2 foil packs of tuna from another time which I did not use then. I bought 3 more packets.

Salads: Spinach, sliced, fresh mushrooms, grape tomatoes, sliced carrots, onion, olive oil and vinegar (Yum!)

Sides and Snacks: Yellow delicious apple, handful of cashew nuts, 2 spoons of organic almond butter

4 Responses to “Lunch Challenge Continues”

  1. nanda603 Says:

    I absolutely love apples and peanut butter. I've even had them with cashew butter, but never almond butter. I'll have to give it a try.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Even though I have packed my lunch for years, I am stepping it up for this challenge. My personal demon is fast food on weekends -- not once this month! And I pretty much stopped bringing Lean Cuisines and am packing leftovers, etc.

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    @OneAZ Woman. Organic almond butter is way better than peanut butter. It is much richer and has a lot more flavor. I have bought it in the health food section at my grocery store, but I noticed last night at vitacost dot com that it is a lot cheaper.

    @CB. I have been packing my lunch for the most part for several years now. I can't eat dinners, as I am gluten intolerant and allergic to milk. Frozen meals usually contain both. We are also having car problems, so going out to eat is difficult. And finding anything at a fast food place that I can eat is impossible, because of my gluten intolerance. Gluten seems to be in everything, including breads, croutons, and processed meats, so I have to be very choosy.

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