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House Maintenance Update

May 14th, 2011 at 09:27 pm

Well, up to now, we really had not done much of anything with our house maintenance to-do list. When we moved into our new-old house last July, we bought a riding lawn mower from a friend to mow our lawn with. It has turned out to be a bit of a pill because the battery keeps dying and it stalls while my husband is mowing, so we sold it to my brother in law. Also, my husband has been having some physical problems lately, and we decided it would be better to have someone else mow it every 2 weeks for only $40.00 each time. The influx of cash from selling the mower gave us the opportunity to accomplish getting a new ceiling fan to replace our living room ceiling fan/light which is wobbly and old. There are 5 globes on it and the wires on the neck of two of the globes is covered with tape and has been since we moved in. So, for $69.97 plus tax plus eco-friendly LED lightbulbs, we replaced our old ceiling fan/light with a new one.

I am going to convince my husband to use the rest of the cash left from selling the mower to pay off the rest of the lawn mower. Then, we will be one step closer to freedom!

1 Responses to “House Maintenance Update”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I always found it totally worth it to have someone mow my lawn for me.

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