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June 23rd, 2012 at 12:54 pm

The hubster and I recently applied for a lower rate credit card. We will transfer our balance from the old card to the new one. The rate of the new card is 5% lower than the old one and has no annual fee. It does not have any rewards, but we don't care. We want to keep the old one open and charge one thing to it per month and pay it off every month. Our goal is to get the credit card paid off and keep it paid off every month in order to improve our credit overall. We hope to be able to refinance our house in a few years, so good credit will be very important there.

I spent $128.00 on groceries that include food, paper goods, and other household supplies. We will be eating a lot of leftovers this week, so this is a use-it-up week! Here are our meals for the week:

1) Squash Soup - 3 meals

2) Spaghetti served over brown rice - 2 meals

3) Baked Chicken Breasts. Side of steamed veggies. - 2 meals

4) Leftover Lentil Soup. - 2 meals

5) Leftover Jalfrezi. - 1 meal

6) Leftover Chicken Bean Casserole. - 1 meal

7) Oatmeal. Side of ham. Orange Juice. - 4 meals

8) Eggs. Side of ham. Orange Juice. - 3 meals

9) Leftover Hamburger Patty. Side of veggies. - 1 meal

10) Leftover Meatloaf. Side of steamed veggies. - 1 meal

11) Tuna Salad with mayo, sea salt, and pepper. Chopped up cucumber and tomato. Carrot Sticks. Side of raw fruit. - 2 meals

1 Responses to “Success”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Wow, having some insurance of a 5% drop on your rate will really lead to savings over time, with or without awards. Good decision, I think!

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