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Progress on Goals for 2013 and a Question

February 2nd, 2013 at 08:28 pm

1. Pay Down credit card #1 to $750 by 12-31-2013. I am a bit of a failure on this one. It will get better when I get some more medical debt paid off. 'Nuff said.

2. Pay off credit card #2 by 12-31-2013. I am a bit of a failure on this one. It will get better when I get some more medical debt paid off. 'Nuff said.

3. Bring car savings to $2,000 by 12-31-2013. Update: As of 1-4-2013, we have a different car. We cleaned out our car account to about $500.00 to do it. We were presented with an unprecidented opportunity that we could not turn down. It has turned out to be a pleasant surprise in several ways. I will begin contributing to this account again next payday, though.

4. Minor and major house maintenance and repair. Still plan to do this, but has not happened yet. Need to bring my total up to date.

5. Continue making extra principal payments on the mortgage, even if it is only $5.00 a month. I paid $10.00 extra for January and $5.00 extra for February.

5. Increase regular savings to $3,000. I want to have at least $12,000 in regular savings in five years.Progress being made, but not enough. Insert kick to my butt here.

6. Reduce unnecessary spending. Still working on this, but possibly not as good as I could be. Today, I bought 5 1 liter bottles of Smart Water and 5 bottles of tea to put in my mini fridge at work. I also bought some snack nuts to keep at work. Hopefully, that will keep the hungry beast (me) from wanting to buy something.

7. I plan to greatly expand my gardening venture next spring. I have not planted anything yet, but I have been preparing by buying seeds ahead of time and keeping them in the fridge.


I am expect a survey check in the mail in a couple of weeks. I will apply it to credit card #1 when it arrives.

On Friday, I went to Bank of America to pay my mortgage for February. While waiting in line, I heard the teller tell a customer that that branch would become an Arvest bank after March 1st. My brain went into overload. When I went up to the counter, I inquired how that would affect my mortgage. The teller told me my mortgage would still be with BOA. I don't trust BOA even one inch due to how they have been treating other BOA customers by repossessing homes whose mortgages are current or even repossessing homes that don't even have mortgages. I wouldn't be dealing with BOA at all if my mortgage had not been sold to them at the time of closing. I keep copious records, including receipts, printouts of copies of cancelled checks to prove payment, and a detailed spreadsheet. I absolutely refuse to do electronic payments or mail in my payments because I don't want them to get "lost" in the mail. The closest BOA branch to me is 30 miles away and I do not know if it will become an Arvest bank. I could drive there every month to make payments, but it would not be optimum. My question is concerning the fact that I have been paying on this mortgage for only 2 1/2 years. Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer a mortgage to a different bank or credit union without coming up with closing or appraisal costs?

2 Responses to “Progress on Goals for 2013 and a Question”

  1. snafu Says:

    Mortgage transfer: It's my understand that these are done on a 'case-to-case' basis. Why not ask if they'll waive fees and appraisal [since values have been increasing] at your primary financial institution? Since you have such a strong, negative view of BOA, why not check with CU and other banks you'd rather deal with? Is anyone advertising for clients in your community?

  2. Jerry Says:

    I think that stress regarding BofA is totally understandable, since their recent behaviour has to lead customers to wonder about how they will be treated themselves. If they offered some insurance of treating their client base well, they would have a lot more credibility in my book.

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