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February 16th, 2013 at 09:15 pm

Well, I am frustrated. Several expenses for needed items and services have forced me to put off other less needed purchases for weeks at a time. For example, our car, which is a Cadillac, needed a tune-up. We just bought it used in January and it had not had a tune-up in awhile. $465!! Also, our AAA membership in January. And that's just the beginning. These expenses have caused me to not be able to put as much towards the credit cards and savings for car, trees, and the house as I want to. Making payments on medical bills also causes problems in this area. Ugh. I went to the credit union and set up two more savings accounts for medical expenses and taxes/AAA membership. I think if I put a little bit every month into these accounts, paying for those expenses will be less problematic. One the other side of the coin, I badly need a new pair of shoes. I wear Asics running shoes daily because I superpronate, which can cause a lot of pain. Maybe I need to start another account for clothing and shoes?

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  1. snafu Says:

    Hold on to you hat, when the Cadillac needs parts or repair the cost wil be shocking as well. A major tune-up is costly and there was likely a long check list. Did you ask for specific services or leave it up to the mechanic and shop/dealership to choose services to perform?

    I suggest you review the servicing requirements listed in the manual and make a list so that the work needed is done at the recommended mileage or time frame. You will be able to plan for the cost and it saves a lot of unexpected and expensive repairs. Have a look at Lemon Air or one of the Consumer books to see what weaknesses you can expect in your particular year and model.

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    Just to be clear, the cost for buying the car and related costs (oil change, tune-up, registration) was budgeted for. We had been saving for two years and had nearly $1200 saved for buying a new-to-us car. I do not regret buying the Cadillac, but repairs on it are a little higher than I thought they would be. It's just a little frustrating because some other expenses (doctor visits, taking the dh to a town 6 hours away to see a specialist, AAA membership) have made the overall picture more complicated.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    If you view your shoes as medical need, you might prioritize them a bit.

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