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52 Week Challenge Progress

March 14th, 2014 at 03:12 pm

Hi, everyone. I got paid today and so more money went to savings and debt. I have not been counting my contributions to retirement or mortgage payments, because those things are more or less on auto pilot, but I am still doing them. My objective this year is to pay off debt and build up savings.

My prior challenge balance: $932.76

Contribution to Regular Savings $40.00
Contribution to Car, House, Medical, AAA/Tax Savings: $78.00
Slush Fund Transfer $20.00
Payment to cc #1 $40.00
Payment to cc #2 $20.00

New Challenge Balance: $1130.76

I also cashed in rebates at mrrebates. I will get the deposit April 1st and immediately put it on cc#2.

My retirement also went up some and my mortgage down. Yeah!

We also recently got our tax return. We have spent some of it so far and have specific plans for the rest.

$1167 federal
$177 state

Total $1344

Paid Plumber to Have Toilet Fixed $50.00
Paid for New Wave Enviro Water Filter $54.00
Paid for New Guttering On Front of House $196.00

We have not had it done yet and don't yet have a quote, but we will be buying 2 new windows for our house and having them installed.

With the rest, we will be paying off DH's hospital bill #4, which is about $70.00, and the rest will get sent to cc #2.

The last part with windows and payoff of medical and credit card debt frees up monthly expenditures so we will have more money for other things in multiple ways: 1) will likely lower electric and gas usage, which in September, will mean our equal payment amount will get lowered significantly and 2) will lower our monthly payments on debt, so we can concentrate on payments to other debts.

We know for certain to our existing windows are a major factor in our electric and gas usage. Last summer in July, it was very hot in our house, particularly the kitchen. My husband saw an article on the internet about how you can use foam insulation boards like these

Text is and Link is to insulate your windows. They were only about $10.00 a board and 1 board was about wide enough for 1 1/2 window in our house. So we did it and within 10 minutes, our kitchen was 10 degrees cooler. So, after that, we started putting money aside to buy new windows with the plan to replace all windows within 2 years. Then, the recent cleanout of savings to help pay for a funeral kind of derailed part of that plan, but we are going forward with doing 2 windows and will do more as we can afford to do so.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You are doing great liblady! I think you have a good plan for the windows and I commend you for doing them as you have the cash. So smart!

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