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52 Week Challenge Progress and Buckling Down

May 8th, 2015 at 01:47 pm

Hello, everyone. I guess I have been living the high life, because I have had a few too many expenses and need to buckle down for awhile until I get it all balanced out. I think I will start with a food challenge by seeing how many meals I can make out of what is in my cupboards and fridge. And I must not forget that I now have lettuce, kale, and arugula that I can harvest and it's delicious. I have onions every now and then.

Anyway, I got paid today, so more money is going into savings, debt, and retirement.

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1627.67

Regular Savings Deposit $40.00
Car Savings Deposit $20.00
House Savings Deposit $20.00
Professional Savings Deposit $40.00
Payment on cc #1 $100.00
Slush Fund $20.00

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1867.67

5 Responses to “52 Week Challenge Progress and Buckling Down”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great plan to use up what you have! A very nice 52 week savings balance too. Smile

  2. snafu Says:

    Having a garden fresh salad as a starter course allows you t reduce the quantity of entree. For May I've developed my meal plan rotating through carbs like potato, quinoa, quick bread/biscuits, barley, pasta, rice + one or two frozen vegetables so that we can enjoy the fresh local produce as it becomes available, soup or salad depending on weather and a smaller portion of fish, meat, egg or poultry.

    It helps to list various types of Potato dishes {oven roasted, boiled, mashed, baked, casserole, grilled. hash brown, scalloped, patties, riced, hot/cold potato salad, waffles, wedges] that your family will eat. I buy a different shaped pasta each month which leads to totally different entrees, sides. soup or salads. We eat different types/shapes of rice, if you mix it with spaghetti or linguini you get Rice-a-roni.

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    @snafu. Neither I nor my husband eats any grains (including oatmeal, pasta, or rice) anymore, as I am gluten intolerant and my my husband is on a particular diet and cannot consume any grains. Even gluten free grains just don't work for me. We can eat potatoes or just about any other vegetable pretty much most kinds of ways anyone else would, except I cannot eat them with any milk, cheese, butter, margarine, or soybeans included in the recipe. I do eat a lot of salad (at least once every day), but my husband less often. We eat almost no processed food, as it causes both of us problems, so that makes food prep a little longer but the result so much more tasty. However, we do eat a pretty good variety of meats and fish and I try to keep the recipes varied enough to satisfy both of us and meat our dietary needs. Thanks for the information, though.

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Good work with reining in your spending and using up available food Smile

  5. Amber Says:

    Way to go, you're doing great

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