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Payday, Snowfalkes, and the 52 Week Challenge

May 5th, 2016 at 04:14 pm

Hi, everyone.

I got some snowflakes earlier this week, so I am reporting that and amounts for my payday tomorrow. I have decided to save in advance for our fees to have our taxes done, as every year, it seems to creep up on us and I wind up taking it out of regular savings - not good. Here are my numbers:

Old 52 Week Challenge Balance: $1791.20

mrrebates rebates totaling $11.04
cc #1 DH's payment 5/2 $66.70
regular savings deposit for 5/6 $40.00
slush deposit 5/6 $20.00
car savings deposit 5/6 $30.00
hvac savings 5/6 $7.00
2016 tax prep savings 5/6 $6.00
AAA/prop tax savings 5/6 $10.00
medical savings 5/6 $6.00
cc #1 payment 5/6 $50.00

New 52 Week Challenge Balance: $2037.94

This is amazing. I have saved or paid off more than $2000 and it's not even June yet!

I am doing a food challenge this week and next to see how little I can spend on food for my lunches and such. I am growing my own kale, lettuce, and green onions, so I have plenty of makings for lunch during that time. I will have some pocket change to put towards my grocery bill and will send the matching amount to cc #1.

I also have a $3.00 payment coming from Pinecone, but I will add it in when I get it.

1 Responses to “Payday, Snowfalkes, and the 52 Week Challenge”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That is some fantastic progress with snowflakes!!

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