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UFM Ahead

January 1st, 2020 at 11:38 pm

Hi, everyone. I have a number of current things and things happening in the future that will require money. I don't want to go into credit card debt to pay for it all, so I am doing a UFM, or maybe UF several months. LOL

I am going to limit my purchases for the next few months to essential purchases. Specifically, I am going to cease trips to convenience stores for the time being and make my own tea with my tea bags. I will also use pocket change to help pay for my grocery purchases. I will set aside equal amounts of money as well as money saved from coupons and saved towards the needed purchases. Here are the expenses I have coming up.

1. Car maintenance - ca. $400 - this is a guesstimate on cost. I will have to contact the shop to get a better estimate. Target Date: 2/15?

2. Road Trip #1 - have some money already set aside, but need about $500 more. Target Date: 4/30

3. Road Trip #2 - have some money already set aside, but need about $1200 more. Target Date: 5/31

4. AAA membership - have some money already set aside for this annual expense, but need $39 more. Target date 1/24

It's time to get to work and find $2139.00.

Update to the above: I just got a rebate from mrrebates for $10.80. This is going towards the total. Woo-Hoo!

4 Responses to “UFM Ahead”

  1. Amber Says:

    Wishing you the best this year

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Good idea on making your own tea! Sounds like you have some fine ideas on saving money. Congrats on rebate!

  3. disneysteve Says:

    Sorry but what does UFM stand for?

  4. crazyliblady Says:

    UFM is Ultra Frugal Month. I am trying to juggle multiple priorities at once and trying not to get into debt doing it.

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