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April 21st, 2020 at 12:48 am

Hi, everyone.

It definitely has been awhile. I believe it has been at least a month since I last blogged. I have been working at home for a little over a month now. Like many others, I am also concerned about my job.

Since we are dealing with this type of situation in one way or another, I was wondering if we could also make a list of our strategies of how we have been dealing with higher food costs, healthcare issues, and loss of income or a job for some. Maybe pooling our ideas would give us all some fresh ideas.

Here is my list of ideas for weathering through the financial side of the coronavirus:

1) putting any savings from not driving so much into savings or towards debts or bills
2) putting any savings from coupons or sales into savings or towards debts or bills
3) planting a garden so that we are less dependent on grocery stores - I also buy some thing direct from farmers
4) doing surveys and putting money towards savings or towards debts or bills
5) working on resume
6) gaining valuable job skills through online learning platforms
7) cashing in rebates and put money into savings or towards debts or bills
8) buy meat on sale and freeze it for later use
9) buy vegetables on sale and chop and freeze it or blanch and freeze it for later use

Do any of you have any ideas?

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  1. LifeBalance Says:

    This is a good idea! It's always empowering to do something and remind ourselves that there's a lot we can control instead of feeling like victims and fretting. Especially now because anxiety can make us even less healthy making it more likely we could get sick.

    A few years ago the company went through a major restructuring and I was certain that I would be losing my job. It turned out that I was mistaken but I spent the time creating a plan for what needed to be done to prepare for it and also once it happened. The plan included tasks to do and places I could get funds. I immediately felt better. I have kept that plan. One day I may need it. Even if I never do, it gives me some piece of mind. If I lose my job I won't be making emotional decisions if I just follow the plan. I'll share a few items on each list in case it's helpful for someone else.

    To prepare: take advantage of all company perks available - paid memberships, professional development, good health coverage; evaluate budget for unnecessary items

    Places to get funds: HSA or FSA reimbursements, loans outstanding including Kiva loans, sell things on Craigslist or eBay, tax refunds, surveys, side gig, 529 reimbursements, garage sale, consider renting out a room

    Tasks: evaluate unemployment rules, consider move of 401k to IRA, update LinkedIn and/or resume, update cell phone (belongs to company), notify family, evaluate insurance options

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